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From the DSL Language Definition to the 3D Software Model

This article focuses on the current prototype for the 3D software modelling. It builds on the previous article about the basics and related work on 3D techniques for the software engineering and can be found here. The basis for the …

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Research Exchange with Scottish Universities

From 27th to 29th January, the two research associates Tina Straßburger and Katrin Hänsel visited Scottish universities to present the research project PrävEM and to establish international cooperation. They first visited the University of Glasgow’s School of Computing. The two …

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How Model-Driven Software Engineering Can Benefit from the Third Dimension

Introduction Over the last years, the processing power of computer systems increased steadily. Gordon Moore predicted in Moore’s Law that the number of transistors in integrated circuits doubles every year. This trend is related to the increasing complexity of software …

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