Teutates DAM – 3D Production Management

After several month of working on indexing, access control and graphical user interfaces, the information management system is usable. All the main features are implemented and the first tests showed that the new system Teutates works reliable with up to 100,000 data entries.

During the next months, the system will be tested under real life conditions here at the University of Applied Sciences Mittweida and from research partners in Saxony. On this occasion, now follows an update on what Teutates is.

Teutates DAM is a web-based production management software for 3D-data in media productions like animated movies, games or simulation/visualization. It aims to organize and persist the data in a manner that it is easier to locate, manage and reuse by all affected parties.

But it is neither just another project management tool for interlaced communication nor a tool for pure data management. Teutates is the link between communication and data. Its newly developed context-based data storage provides a traceable view on the related data through all production stages and enables all parties to gain an enhanced production overview and an improved controlling over the processes. Additionally it allows to archive, manage and reuse the media production data.

In times where the conveyance of information or knowledge became rather digital (especially for education or entertainment purposes) the efficient reuse and reprocessing of 3D data becomes even more significant (e.g. for Games, Apps, Online-Tutorials, etc.).

Benefits and Advantages

Common sources for complication in production are:

  • Insufficient communication and task coordination
  • That the production data is hard to locate and manage and therefore hard to reuse

Challenges to deal with:

  • Persistence – There is a huge amount of data involved in 3D productions
  • Workflow – Tools for 3D modelling are not designed on managing and archiving the data for the further production
  • Interfaces – Existing solutions for data management (CMS/ERP) are not specialized on 3D data and are merely compatible with collaboration tools for 3D production used e.g. in animation studios

The context-based data storage addresses these challenges and allows to persist data with all relations and links between each other. This even considers different versions of the data and hence, improves the traceability of the creation processes. It also reduces the storage space required for the data, because files used in different projects do not have to be stored multiple times, but can be referenced. Efficient archiving and global search mechanisms support this reoccurring use of the data for the usual distribution channels as well as for games and apps. This new way of storing and organizing the data is combined with mechanisms to organize the project team structures and workflows.

Even though Teutates is fully web-based and therefore supports a location-independent use and multi-language, it is easy to integrate with existing ERP/EAP solutions, since it supports standard interfaces like CMIS and BPMN 2.0. The latter can be used to manage and specify workflows which can be linked to the data, automatically trigger events, and give a better overview and control of current or past project states.

Collaboration tools like review components which even allow to comment with drawn annotations to 3D models or videos, are a powerful instruments to support the communication and feedback. The combination of all these innovations lead to a flexible system which can be customized to the production requirements and support a more effective and manageable content creation for 3D productions.

Production with Teutates

technical overview of the production pipeline through the example of a publishing company

User Interface

The project dashboard comprises several components to help the manager to get an overview of current processes, like a project description, content overviews, and statistics and feeds about activities of team members.

project overview and statistical analysis

The business process management with custom BPMN 2.0 workflows enable the coordinated and automated assignment of tasks and a higher degree of control and information about ongoing processes.

process definition for task management

The detailed view of the content repository provides components for comments, reviews, data links and status information. The upload of new data in form of files or packed archives can be made here, too.

asset database with global search, status information and comment components

Teutates is supposed to be the link between production and distribution of data. Plugins for common production software like Autodesk’s 3ds Max even provide an integration in common and widely used tools.

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