Teutates DAM @ Glasgow School of Art

From 12th to 16th of November Teutates was presented at Glasgow School of Art. Young researchers Katrin, Tina, Felix and graduate assistant Tom gave a speech at the Digital Design Studio to show the progress in development since the last visit in January. The web-based prototype and the newly developed storage method for 3D data were presented live. With teutates 3D data and 3D related data like textures, animations or game levels are stored safe, persistent and with less storage space needed. Using WebGL, 3D models can be viewed and edited in web browsers (screenshots, reviews, etc.).

Presentation slides: Teutates DAM @ Glasgow

DDS research activities revolve around 3D visualisation, 3D sound, speech recognition, haptics (touch), gesture-based interaction and camera-based tracking to explore the potential of multi-sensory participation in the fields of architecture, automotive industry, environment, games and entertainment, heritage and medicine. Therefore Teutates can be used for cross-project storing of the generated data and reviewing out of the archive.

Website of the Digital Design Studio

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