System Architecture

The prototype combines elements of Content Management Systems (CMS), Business Process Management (BPMN) and Collaboration tools to provide a solution supporting every member involved in the production process and not constraining them. Creative editing of content and safe data management/data storage are hard to combine and so the overview of production status and assignment or progress of tasks can be lost. A quick and audit-proof data handling is often neglected and data is stored in simple repositories like FTP servers. The context based storage combined with Collaboration improves traceability and the ability to plan production processes. Either classical or context-specific data models can be created. Thus, complex data like 3D models or game engine levels are mapped unalterably in the EIM with all their files and references between them. The combination of open standards and frameworks (like Spring, Vaadin, Activiti and CMIS) and the Information Management and Collaboration tools developed by PrävEM allow an easier customization compared to already existing CMS with stringent structure. The BPMN-Tool Activiti allows custom process models to be built.

Komponenten des Systems

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