Business Process Management

Among the requirements concerning data management the allocation of tasks is important to secure an efficient production. Using the Content Models the data management is supported by BPM mapping processes and assigning staff to the tasks. Processes are referenced to Content Models via business rules.

If a new 3D model is created, it is referenced to a Content Model “3D model”. Further information can be added, e.g. if it is a creature or an artifact, if it has to be animated or in which quality it has to be provided. At the same time a business process “Create 3D model” is initiated. This process can include different stages of production such as step one – character art, step two – modeling, step three – animation.

Each content adheres to the business rules given by process instances. These instances are defined by process definitions. By mapping custom information and applying business rules an added value is created. Thus it is possible to integrate custom functionalities such as preprocessing algorithms, converters as well as special software.

Context based data storage BPM

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