Software engineering

Analysis of novel concepts for three dimensional software engineering tools and the use for the effective development and implementation of complex systems

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Wilfried Schubert (left) and the junior researcher Katrin Hänsel M.Sc. (right)

Researcher: Katrin Hänsel M.Sc.
Supervisor: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Wilfried Schubert

This topic focuses on the analysis and conception of modern software engineering tools and methods. Within this subproject, strategies for suitable, three dimensional visualizations and models for structuring and understanding complex systems, shall be investigated. Within the overall project, this topic is aimed to study methods for software developers and architects to build complex systems, without losing the relation to the source code through code generation but also effectively develop and “assemble” software systems. The research findings are supposed to positively merge into the other subprojects to increase the efficiency, flexibility and usability of the systems to develop.

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